No Credit Card August

Since quarantine and social distancing began back in March, my online spending has gone way up. It began simple, some books to read, comfy clothes to wear, etc. But as the time has gone on, my online spending has doubled what it normally is, simply, because of boredom. While some of my spending has been for things I know I need, like certain clothes and hair accessories, it had mostly been on things I want!

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August is my birthday month! And as a gift to myself, I am not going to use my credit cards to buy ANYTHING, unless it is something I know I need. I will have my debt card, to use if I need it, but if the money isn’t on my debt card, I am not going to buy it.

Recently, my mother had a conversation with my brothers and I about making sure we pay off our credit cards each month to avoid unnecessary interest. I am usually very good with paying everything back. But with my little spending splurge, I have just been paying back the no interest balance, instead of the full thing. Well, my goal in August, is to pay everything off by 8/1, and not have to make another payment until September, or even beyond that, because I would not have spent anything!

If you’ve been struggling to control your spending habits, make this the month you take that control back! Join me in No Credit Card August, and enjoy a month of not worrying about making a credit card payment!

Until next time!

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