Hello 25


Hey, You! You’re a quarter of a century old, it’s time to make some changes.

Today is my 25th birthday, and boy is that crazy to think about. It feels like just yesterday I was turning 21, and now, I have to renew my license! It’s insane how quickly 4 years can go by.

Now that I’m 25, I’m looking back on my life, the decisions I’ve made, and making some changes. There are so many things I wish I did differently, but maybe I wasn’t in a place mentally to do so. Now that I’m 25, and have to be a real adult, I’m looking at these possible changes more clearly, and with new determination.

If there is one show I could binge watch forever, even still at 25, it’s Gilmore Girls. My favorite episode ever of that show, was Season 5, Episode 7, “You Jump, I Jump, Jack.” In that episode, Rory does something outside of her comfort zone. She dares to make a leap. The motto for that episode was “In Omnia Paratus”, which means “Ready For Anything.” So this year, I’ve decided to have a “Ready For Anything” mentality, because if I’m not ready to do something crazy now, then I probably never will be.

I want to make changes. I want to love the person I am inside& out, which includes finally losing the weight I have been struggling with for years. I want to try new foods, go on new adventures, meet new people, and finally, start living life.

It may be a slow process, I mean my anxiety is not going to disappear overnight. I’m already having an anxiety attack from just thinking about making these changes. But I have to overcome it. And I have to be ready to do so.

So here’s to a year of firsts. I may have taken a long road to get here, but 25 isn’t the worst age to start trying new things! It’s time to scream “In Omnia Paratus” and seize the day& life in front of me!

Until Next Time!


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