Fight For You


Always remember…you’re worth fighting for.

Today as I was walking around, I had my Disney playlist on shuffle when Mulan’s “A Girl Worth Fighting For” came on shuffle. I’ve always enjoyed that song, it’s so fun to sing along with! However, today was a little different.

In my Weight Watchers meeting today, we talked about goals, and how we sometimes fail to achieve them, because we don’t put ourselves first. It’s almost human nature to put others first, our friends, our family, but never ourselves.

During the meeting, that Mulan song came back into my head. It’s all about fighting the war for someone at home, that they want to impress, keep safe, make happy. So I got to thinking, why can’t the “girl” or “person” I’m fighting for, be me?

A big part of any journey, whether it be a weight loss journey, a journey with mental illness, etc., is the mental aspect. We have to change our thinking. We have to change how we see ourselves. We have to change how we think of food. But a big reason people fail or give up is that they believe they aren’t worth fighting for.

I believed that, and a part of me still does. I know that there are people around me, who believe in me, who fight for me, but at times, I don’t think I deserve it. But thinking about it today, with a new perspective, I realized that I am worth it. I mean, why not?

We have to fight for ourselves. We have to learn to see ourselves as a person worth fighting for. We have to do everything we can to change our lives. And it doesn’t have to change overnight. I know, that even though I’m starting to fight for myself, that I will struggle. You have to take it slow and in small steps.

So, want to go to the gym? Do it for you. Want that apple? Do it for you. Need to take a mental health day? Do it for you. Because you are worth fighting for. Become that girl worth fighting for. You can have other people fight for you too, I mean, we all need a support system, big or small. But make sure the Captain of that team is you!

Until Next Time!


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