Almost Time For 2017


2016 is just days away from being another year in our lives. With 2017 fast approaching, I wanted to make a blog about handling NYE, Resolutions, and the New Year while dealing with anxiety.

New Years Eve 

One thing that comes with New Year’s Eve besides the year ending, is parties. Almost everyone around the world throws a New Year’s Eve party. There’s always music, food, drinks and a big countdown to the next year.

If you’re not into the party scene, this year, choose yourself and decide not to go. There is nothing wrong with skipping one party if you’re not feeling up to it. If your anxiety is making you too nervous to go, then don’t. End the year by taking care of yourself first, instead of focusing on others.

However, if you’re like me, and still feel like you have to go to a party to make others happy, then go. However, make sure you’re comfortable. Bring your own drinks if you’re not sure what will be available, talk to as many or as few people as you want& finally, if you’re uncomfortable, do not be afraid to leave early.

And if December 31st comes, and you haven’t been invited to a party or just decide to spend the night at home, make your own party. Spend the night doing something you want to do. One of my favorite NYE’s was the year I wasn’t invited to a party all my friends were going to. I spent the night at home, in my PJ’s and watching my favorite movies from my couch. It was so relaxing. So never be afraid to make your own party. If you want to ring in 2017 alone, then do that!


Once New Year’s Eve is over, it’s time for the New Year’s Resolutions. I for one am not a fan of resolutions because I never keep them. So instead of saying I am going to stop drinking soda or lose “x” amount of weight, I choose to make simple ones, like make your bed today or smile a little more today. I decide to do something on that specific day, so I can try and make the most of it.

However, if you really enjoy making resolutions, then make them! However, if you get anxious because you fall off the wagon or you give up, don’t. Whether you stick to it for 365 days or just 1, you did something you never would have done before, and that is worth celebrating!

So don’t let resolutions stress you out. That’s not what they’re for. Resolutions are there so you can do something you never thought you could do. So just try your best, because that’s the best you can do!


2017 is a brand new year, and we all know the saying, “brand new year, brand new you.” And then when we fall back into our old ways or mess up, we think the year is ruined. And that’s just not true. One bad day or one bad week does not ruin an entire year.

So this year, don’t think about all the bad of 2016, and don’t think about all the possibilities of 2017, just live in the now. Enjoy the present. Enjoy what you’re doing right now. And just enjoy life. Because even though we have ups and downs, this is the life we were given, and we might as well find the good in it.


So in conclusion, don’t let your mind ruin your fun. Listen to your gut, smile and enjoy what life has in store for you.

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Until next time!



2 thoughts on “Almost Time For 2017

  1. Thanks for your encouraging text. 🙂 I’ll try my best to live in the now for those few days. Actually, it just makes me so anxious that “normal life” will continue afterwards. And that’s the thing – right there – I’m not in the now. So I’ll try to enjoy my family and nature and burning my wishes for the next year, knowing that the universe will take care of them.

    Wishing you a wonderful happy new Year.

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