World Mental Health Day


Today is World Mental Health Day. Millions of people around the world suffer from a mental illness and most are afraid to talk about it. For years, I didn’t talk to anyone about mine. And for a long time, I wasn’t even aware I had one.But once I found out, I didn’t know where to begin or who to talk to.

It’s so important to talk about it. There is nothing wrong with having a mental illness. It does not make you weak, and it does not make you a bad person. Your illness does not define you, just like a regular physical health illness does not define you.

I am so thankful I finally talked to somebody about my illness. It’s rewarding to have people in my life who listen to my thoughts and worries without judgement. But I know so many people in the world aren’t as lucky. Most people are judged for wanting to talk about their mental illness, and honestly, that is not okay.

Together, we can end the stigma. Together, we can share our stories and let others know they’re not alone. Together, we can talk. And together, we can be there for one another. 

So my hope for today and every day after, is that we help each other and that we listen to each other.

Never be afraid to take care of yourself first. Self Love and Self Care are two steps to help make sure that you can help the world overcome the stigma. So, let’s talk.

Until next time.


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