5 Reasons to Love Fall


Happy Fall!

It’s been the season of fall for about a week now and I couldn’t be more excited. If you couldn’t tell from the featured image, I love fall! I love everything about it, and not just because of the pumpkin flavors(which are gross) or the cool weather (which is awesome). But I love it for my anxiety.

Below, are 5 reasons why I love Fall!

  1. Working Outside
    • The weather in fall is perfect. It’s nice and cool, which makes it comfortable to work outside during the day. I’m fortunate enough to work from home, so I get to spend most of my days outside during the fall. I love working outside for two main reasons. One, there’s a nice breeze, which makes it super comfortable to do work, or go on Pinterest, or watch a movie. And two, there are less distractions. Going outside, allows me to turn on some music, focus on the wind and breathe. It’s great for when my anxiety is too much to handle, because I can focus on the world around me and forget about my problems for a few minutes. 2016-09-27-13-57-15
  2. Uggs
    • Or boots. Which fall shoes you prefer, it’s finally time to pull them out of the closet and wear them all season long. I love my Uggs. I mean, I probably wear them from October until May, but even that’s not long enough. I love my comfy shoes, because it just makes me feel more comfortable in life. It’s probably all in my head, but I feel better for a few moments, when I’m in my Uggs. 2016-09-27-13-58-43
  3. Hot Chocolate
    • It’s time to pull out my favorite mugs, stock up on my hot chocolate K Cups and start sipping. I hate coffee, and I’m not really into tea, so my go to hot drink for when I need to relax, is hot chocolate. It’s not the healthiest, but it’s hot and tasty, which is why it’s my perfect anxiety relief drink. But in the summer, it’s too hot for hot chocolate, so I always get excited for fall, so I can enjoy my favorite drink once again. 2016-09-27-14-02-09
  4. Hoodies
    • If you’ve read some of my previous blog posts, you’ll know why hoodies are so important to me. I love hoodies for many reasons. They’re soft. They’re warm. They have pockets. But more importantly, they make me feel safe. During the spring and summer months, when it’s too warm to wear a hoodie outside, I feel very vulnerable. I’ve never been confident or comfortable in my own skin, and even though I’ve made some positive changes, I still don’t like wearing t-shirts or tank tops in public. I always feel like I’m being judged for what I am wearing. So when hoodie season comes around, I almost feel like I am able to hide underneath something. It’s a big comfort when my anxiety is extra high, so getting back into hoodies will be a big help for me. 2016-09-27-13-59-40
  5. Sports
    • If I could, I would eat, live and breathe sports. And the best part about fall, is that all 4 major league sports are happening at the same time. Going to football games with my family, is probably my favorite ways to spend a Sunday because I can have fun, focus on something fun, and forget about my anxiety for a few hours. And then for me, October means hockey. And hockey means relaxation. I watch every single Penguins game during the season, and that’s huge for me, because hockey saved me a couple of years ago. At a time where everything was falling apart and changing in my life, hockey came back into it, and allowed me to focus on something fun for a few hours. It became my go to choice to help stop anxiety attacks, and now that fall is here, hockey is here too. So I’ll once again have something to focus on when anxiety takes control. img_1466

So let me know why you love fall! These are just 5 reasons, but I’m sure there are many more.

Until next time!


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