Today’s #AnxietyTipThursday is all about guilt, and how to handle that guilt when you think you do something wrong.

This week, my anxiety has been higher than usual. So, I turned back into my old eating habits and overate almost every day this week. And of course, with that overeating, came the guilt of doing that. I have been doing so well with my weight loss the last few weeks, that I felt like a failure for giving into my temptations. And since I let myself “fail” the guilt of “ruining” everything I recently did came into play.

My Weight Watchers leader likes to talk about guilt a lot, especially when it’s about food. When you’re trying to change something in your life, and small misstep feels like the biggest mistake. So when we feel guilty about eating this or that, we eat more to make up for that guilt.

I have never been good with dealing with guilt. When I’m feeling guilty, or angry or anxious, I eat. And not just a little, but a lot. I need to figure out how to move past food as my guilty indulgence, and come up with something new.

So my #AnxietyTip for today, is when you are feeling guilty about something, instead of doing what you always do, take a deep breath, and try something new. For example, today when I was feeling guilty for my overeating, instead of eating more, I walked around my house. Walking, gave me something to focus on, and eventually, I didn’t even want to eat anymore.

So try something new this week when your guilt or your anxiety gets too much. Eventually, that will became your new habit, and you will wonder why you gave into those old methods in the first place.

Until next time!


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