Work(out) of a Funk


Some days you’re more anxious than others. And one of the worst parts of my anxiety, is that when I’m super anxious, I like to eat…and not in a healthy way.

Right now I’m in the middle of a funk. I was doing so well with weightloss over the last few weeks. But this week, my anxiety has been high, and so has my binge eating. I haven’t felt good about anything all week. I feel out of control and I’m not sure how to get that control back. 2016-09-07-20-25-10

So for my #WorkoutWednesday tip, I’m sharing how I help myself start to work out of my funk.

Thankfully over the past few months, I have fallen in love with working out. I love sweating away my worries, while concentrating on one task, instead of letting my mind wander. I do lots of different workouts when I’m anxious. I walk, I jump, I dance. Whatever it is I do, I make sure it’s something that I can give my full attention to.

So even though I am binge eating and my anxiety is high, I feel better about everything when I’m working out. So if you’re feeling down on yourself on your weightless journey, find your favorite fitness routine and just do it!

Until next time!



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