Find Your Inner Child


This #FitnessFunFriday is all about being a kid!

This past week, when my anxiety got the best of me, I went to watching old shows that made me happy as a kid. And one of those shows, was Rocket Power.

When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be Reggie Rocket. I had my roller blades, my skateboard, my hockey stick and I used to spend every afternoon outside on my patio pretending to be apart of the Rocket Gang.

Photo via: Nickelodeon

So I kept thinking about all those fun times all week, and I was wondering, why can’t I do that again? I may be 24, but why can’t I pretend to be Reggie Rocket? I had so much fun skating around my backyard, and it was also a great form of exercise.

I’m excited to go back to my roots and start playing like a kid again. I need to dig out my old roller blades and just go have fun! I may be 24, but I can still be Reggie Rocket. (I mean, just because the show ended, doesn’t mean she stopped growing. haha)

So my challenge for you is to remember something fun you did as a kid for “exercise”, and do it again today! Because if we stop seeing exercise as hard work, we can have fun again, and enjoy going outside!

Until next time!


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