Put Your Mind To It


Welcome back to another #WorkoutWednesday! Today I am going to share with you my least favorite workout and how I prepare myself to do it.

Ever since I started working with my trainer, I have hated one workout…burpees. Honestly, my motto is #BurpeesSuck because they do. But even though I hate them more than most things, I started to force myself to do them everyday. (And yes I mean everyday, including the weekend.)

For those of you who don’t know what a burpee is, here’s a quick video from Crossfit. Now I’m not as advanced as they are, so I don’t do a pushup, but everything else I do.

I challenged myself two weeks ago to do 15 burpees a day until my next training. (so 7 days). And I actually did it. Now, I’m up to 25 a day. (Each week I increase by 5 burpees. )

2016-08-31 14.47.02
Burpee Challenge…Let’s Do This! 

Before, if I had challenged myself to do this, I would have failed, because I didn’t have the mental strength to push myself. I dislike burpees, but I know that if I do them everyday, maybe I won’t hate them as much. (actually I do, but they’re getting easier to do.)

I decided to make myself proud for once. With my anxiety, I feel like I’m not allowed to be proud of myself. I want to be happy and proud of others, but when it comes to me, my confidence is at rock bottom.So to try and increase my confidence, I am pushing myself everyday, to do something I do not like, and having a sense of pride after I complete it.

So while burpees suck and I have no fun doing them, the feeling of accomplishment I get everyday after doing them is worth the sweat, tears, and aggravation. So try a burpee challenge, even if it’s one or two a day. But try it out, because you will hate them, but for once, you won’t hate yourself afterwords.

Until next time!


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