Transformation Tuesday


My Weight Watcher’s leader once told me, that it takes longer for you to see the transformation in yourself than it does for others to see it.

When I started getting serious about my weight loss journey in February, I never thought I would get to the place where I would see the transformation in myself. With my anxiety struggles, it added pressure onto myself to see the good in something I was doing. I was always afraid that I could never succeed in changing my lifestyle and changing how I looked, which is why it took me so long to get serious.

Now that I’ve started to believe in myself, even though it’s just a little bit, I can see the change. And my leader was right, it did take me longer than it did others.

It took a little over six months to see that my body has changed, thanks to my eating and exercise. Now that I’ve seen it, I never want to stop seeing these changes.

#TransformationTuesday: 2/6/16-8/20/16

My piece of advice for those going through a weightless journey with anxiety, is to do a #TransformationTuesday. This is a great way to see a change in yourself without having to stare at yourself in the mirror. Comparing two pictures gives you a different perspective about what you’re looking at, since you see yourself in the mirror everyday.

Never be afraid to change yourself, even when your anxiety is telling you otherwise. You and your anxiety will thank you for changing your lifestyle later.

Tune in tomorrow for a fun #WorkoutWednesday  post! It will feature a workout I do in my house, and not around people, which helps keeps my anxiety down.

Until next time!


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