It’s Okay To Love Yourself


Hi everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday! Today is the first of many #SelfLoveSaturday’s on #TheLifeMotto! I decided to start this series because I have always had trouble loving myself and loving who I am, and I’m hoping to change that. I picked Saturday’s for this because it is my weigh in day and what better way to accept yourself, than on a day where some people might now.

I admit, most weigh-in days, I leave hating myself, especially when the scale says I’ve gained some weight. But this past week, I’ve felt so good about myself and everything I’ve done, that I wanted to change how I felt about myself on weigh-in days, no matter what the scale ends up saying.

And boy was that put to the test. When I weighed in this morning, I only lost .2 lbs. And after the amazing week I had of pre planning, adding more fitness and just having some self confidence, that was not the number I wanted to see.

I was upset, very upset. And it was only after I really thought about it, and I realized there were factors out of my control, that I became okay with my loss and just enjoyed how good I did this week. I realized that if I kept it up, my loss next week at the scale would be greater and just that thought alone makes me want to keep going. Plus, the more I do the great things I did, like eating well& exercising, the more self love I will have for myself!

Self love will always be a struggle for me. My anxiety makes me think I cannot love myself. So my challenge is to beat my anxiety and learn to love myself and all of my imperfections. I’m not perfect, and I never will be. I’m just me.

I’m so excited to continue this series next Saturday! Until then, check out my social media and check back tomorrow for a #SmileSunday post!

Until next time!


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