Fitness Fun Friday


If you’re anything like me, you HATE working out, especially at the gym. There is nothing I hate more than having this feeling of being judged, all while attempting to do workouts that I’ve never done before.

Now I don’t feel that way anymore. Thanks to my trainer, I’ve found a love of working out and being at the gym. (but that’s for another blog post)

But a big help to me in making fitness more fun, is finding new fitness gear!

I have a big sneaker problem, and I probably have way more than I need. And ever since I got back into working out, I’ve bought a few pairs of sneakers to help myself feel more confident and to love how I look in my outfits!

My Favorite Fitness Gear!

Along with new shoes, another fun thing you can buy to spice up your workout, is a fun, unique water bottle. Now I didn’t need to go out& buy a new bottle, but I did anyway, because one person can never have enough! My two favorites, are my Gatorade water bottle and my big water bottle from Rue 21. My gatorade bottle is great for the gym, because it’s a squeeze and squirt bottle, so I can get water easily and I can spray it on my face to cool myself down. And my Rue 21 bottle hold 50 oz. of H2O and has an awesome, motivating saying. I love this for drinking during the day because I need my water fill, so why not drink it out of a motivating bottle!?

Finally, I highly recommend a FitBit, or some type of step tracking device! Not only does it count your steps and track your activity minutes, but it motivates you to keep going. I have the FitBit Alta and I am OBSESSED! One of my favorite features is the interchangeable band, so I can go from a black band, to a teal band and so much more. This is great for me because I ALWAYS have to match. And when I say match, I mean match EVERYTHING. It is a great way to tie your workout outfit together all while increasing your fitness levels!

These are just a few of my favorite Fitness Fun Gear choices. Every Friday I will post a new Fitness Fun Friday post! Until then, follow me on Social Media (links on the side) and tune in tomorrow for a Self Love Saturday post!

Until next time!




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