My Weight Loss Story

weightloss story

On February 6th, 2016, I embarked on what I decided would be my last weight loss attempt. It was my last, because I knew I was going to succeed.

I signed back up for the 5th time to Weight Watchers, and unfortunately for me, this time, I had to lose over 100lbs to hit my goal. I weighed in on that cold day at 262.4 lbs, the highest weight I’ve ever been at. My goal weight, according to WW for my height of 5’7″ is 155lbs. So on my journey, I have a loooooong way to go.

This time, I’m taking things more seriously. Not only am I tracking, measuring and eating better, but I am also working with a personal trainer once a week and taking my fitness more seriously.

As of last week, I am down almost 15lbs. But I am also down over 7 inches off my hips and waist. Along with that, I am now down 4 pants sizes and fit into jeans that I haven’t fit in since high school. I also now fit comfortably in woman’s XL shirts, which I can’t even remember the last time that happened!

Me: 2013 vs Today

This past week I found so much more confidence in myself. I smile more, I feel better working out& I am just happier.

I think one thing that is different this time  around, is that I am not letting my anxiety control my weight loss. I mean, don’t get me wrong my anxiety attacks still control my life from time to time, including my snacking. But this time around, I’m not as anxious about changing my look and who I am. In past tries, I feel like I have been very anxious in changing my look, even though I’ve never been comfortable with who I am. I also think that I used my weight to hide from others. I’ve pretty much been ignored and forgotten about my entire life and a part of me feels like that was because of my weight.

But now I am excited to see my body change and to see what it’s like living with self love. I can’t wait to continue improving everyday and changing my life for the better.

Me on Monday: Happy& Confident

I will post a weekly “weight” update on here every Saturday aka my weigh-in day! It will be in a new blog segment called “Self Love Saturday”. Along with my weekly weight posts, I will be posting “Workout Wednesday” posts, where I talk about my training and the new things I’ve learned as well as “Fitness Fun Friday”, where I will post fun ways to be fit, that you probably don’t think about!

Along with this blog, I have a Instagram where I post daily selfies, food choices and more. You can follow it here:

I hope you enjoy these weight loss posts. My anxiety has been such a killer when it comes to this journey, so I hope with these posts, you can learn to love your body as much as I am, and know that your anxiety won’t control everything! You’ve got this. You just have to “Believe in You”.

Links to all my social media can be found on the side of my blog!

Until next time!


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