Social Media Anxiety: Instagram Edition


Instagram, the app where we post a bunch of photos, which vary from selfies, to food, to quotes& more. It’s also an app where you feel like you have to impress with your photos, so you can get a good number of likes.

In this Social Media Anxiety series part one, I am going to focus on Instagram anxiety. The three main areas I am going to focus on in this post are,

  • Worrying about the number of likes
  • Seeing others interact
  • Talk of the new update

Topic 1: Worrying about the number of likes

I can’t count the number of times I have freaked out over the number of likes on an instagram post. Especially when I see how many likes other peoples posts are getting. Back in the day, you used to need 11 likes for the names to stop being listed. I think we all remember the days when we (im)patiently waited to hit that important mark. Now, thanks to a new update, you only have to get to 4 likes for the names to turn into the number. Now, I overreact to not getting a good number of likes. I mean, how hard is it to get 4 likes on a photo?!

I hate overreacting to the number of likes my photos get, but it’s tough, especially when your “friends” don’t like your posts, even though you like theirs. I mean, since when did our self worth become dependent on how many likes a selfie got? I feel like I check instagram every 10 minutes to see how many likes one of my photos got. In today’s society, a lot of face-to-face interaction is gone, so we see how others feel about us by if they like a photo on instagram.

So, one tip I have for everyone, is to turn off your instagram notifications& limit your time on the app. That way, each time you go on, you’ll be surprised about how many likes your photo gets!

Topic 2: Seeing Others Interact

On a daily basis, I see others share photos of them with their friends& seeing those friends make comments on it. And I get jealous. I don’t really have a great friendship circle. I mean, I have one best friend, and she lives 12 hours away from me. And my friends who I’ve had since I was a kid, we really don’t have a lot in common. So it’s tough seeing friends interact with each other, when you know you don’t really have that in your life.

One tip I have for this, is to take a deep breath when you see others interacting with friends. It may suck now, but I firmly believe every single one of us will find one person or a group of people, who will be friends with us for who we are& will interact with us on Instagram through fun pictures and cute comments. Until then, just remember that it’s okay to be upset, but always try and don’t let it control you life.

Topic 3: Potential New Update

If you’ve been on the internet in the last month, you’ve learned about the “new update” Instagram wants to implement, which is where they’ll act like Facebook& show photos in the order of what’s most popular instead of in chronological order. If you’re like me, you probably freaked out when you heard that. I mean, my photos barely get likes as it is, so if this update ever happens, I will probably only get like 2 likes. However, Instagram recently said that they aren’t planning on changing our feeds. That doesn’t mean they won’t do it in the future, but right now they’re not. So join me in taking a deep breath. (lol)

One tip I have for this is to relax for right now. Also, if you don’t want the update (when it happens) turn off automatic app updates& only update the app when you like what the update offers.


Social Media is a cause of anxiety, and Instagram is a big source of it. Instead on focusing on what you think people will like, post the photos you like. Because if you like them, then that’s all that matters.


Until next time!



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