Handling Rejection


One of the hardest struggles I deal with on a daily basis is handling rejection. One of the triggers of my anxiety is being afraid of what people think about me, if they’re going to like me, and if they’re going to want to help me. It has become such a struggle for me, that I am scared to talk to new people, and scared to be myself most of the time, especially in public.

In my head, people are always judging me. Which, thinking about it as I am typing this, probably isn’t true 90 percent of the time. Since I am always concerned with what people are thinking about me, I am always scared to be myself and step out of my comfort zone around new people. Rejection is a big part of life, and growing up, but it is also something I am scared of dealing with.

Since I am so concerned about people rejecting me, or my ideas, I have little self confidence. In my heart, I know I am a good person, and am good at what I do. However, my head won’t let me see past the possibility of someone not liking me.

As I continue to grow, I realize how big rejection is in life. You’re not going to get every job you apply for, and not everyone is going to like who you are or what you have to offer. But now I am starting to realize that rejection shouldn’t stop you from living the life you want. My anxiety may not realize that yet, since I still deal with the fear of someone judging me, no matter what I do, but as a person, I am starting to become a little more confident in myself.

No one is ever going to like being rejected. But, being rejected by someone, doesn’t lessen the amazing person you are. I hope you all are able to take a deep breath, and believe in yourself. Everyone is good at something, and no one person can take that feeling away from you!

Until next time!


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