When You Stop Living In The Moment


As I scrolled through my twitter feed today, I noticed how people I am following complained because there wouldn’t be a meet and greet for a concert they would be attending. Then, I went to a football game, and looked around to see everyone either taking a selfie or sitting there on their phone.

So it got me to thinking about life, and how we as people want everything, and we want it now. No one seems to take a step back, and enjoy life anymore. It’s almost as if you don’t have a photo, then it didn’t happen.

Now I am just as guilty of this as anyone, but I am starting to realize how much of life I am missing by caring about what is on my phone.

It really came to light on how dependent I am of my phone, when I was watching a hockey game yesterday. The streaming service I use is behind normal broadcasting time, so I would get tweets and texts of scores almost a minute before I would be able to watch it. This took the fun out of watching the game, since I knew what would happen before it happened.

So as I am writing this blog post, I am thinking about how much society has stopped living in the moment. No matter where you go, people are always on their phones, recording the moment, instead of enjoying the moment. People today, watch a live concert through their camera, or enjoy a sports game on twitter.

What people forget, is that when you’re capturing a moment, your missing another. Instead of enjoying the world around you, people are worried about getting the perfect shot.

When you’re so focused on getting a picture with someone, you forget about getting to know them. People today would rather have a selfie with someone they admire, instead of sitting back, and just having a conversation with them. Now I can be guilty of this too, but thinking about it now, I would much rather pick the brain of someone I admire, than only getting a bad selfie out of it.

I hate how I have seem to forget how to live. Instead, I have been focused on proving to others that a moment happened. I am realizing how little that matters. If someone doesn’t believe your story, then you don’t need them in your life. It is your life, and you shouldn’t be afraid to live it.

So I challenge whoever reads this, to go out, and put your phone down. Look up into the sky, take a deep breath, and just live life. Don’t take a photo and don’t watch the moment through your screen. Smile, look around, and maybe even dance a little. Whatever you do, just live life!

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