I love movies! Well not all movies, because I get too scared at horror films and too grossed out at action type movies. But other than that, movies are wonderful!

My favorite thing about movies is how it lets me escape my reality and my problems when I’m feeling too anxious and overwhelmed. I have my go-to movies, which are the movies that I know will make me happy when I don’t think anything else will.

Most of mine are Disney movies, because I love cartoons and they always have a cute love story. However, my favorite thing about them is the sad parts because when I’m feeling down, sometimes all I need is a good cry.

My all time favorite Disney movies are Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Peter Pan. They’re fun. Adventure type movies that allow me to enter a different world, and sit back and enjoy the ride it’s taking me on. Plus, they have songs that are fun to sing and dance along to. Disney movies are good when you want a nice, fun pick-me-up.

One of my main go-to movies is Divergent, for a lot of reasons. First, it’s based off one of my favorite books. Two, one of my favorite actors, Theo James, is the main male lead of the movie, so I love watching everything he does. And finally, I love the Tris and Four love story! I am a sucker for a good love story, so it’s one of my favorites! Divergent is not my typical movie, since it has some action and blood, but the book is my favorite, so I sucked it up, and it turned out to be one of my favorite movies!

Netflix is also a great late night anxiety tool. I check out so many new movies and even some of my classic favorites. Plus they’re all at my fingertips anytime, and anywhere!

Movies are a great anxious night tool and I recommend if you haven’t, try it out! I’m always looking for new movies to check out, so leave a comment below about YOUR favorite movies!


Until Next Time!


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