Inanimate Objects

Can you count how many times you’ve yelled at the TV? Or how many times you’ve thrown something across the room? Or even how many times you’ve yelled at the person in the car near you? If you can, then you’re luckier than I am, seeing as I lost count of all those questions years ago.

Inanimate objects, those things that can sometimes make our lives easier, but can also drive us crazy. Since I was a kid, I formed a habit of yelling at things, or throwing objects that I know can’t fight back. My two main targets are my TV and unfortunately, my phone.

I’ve found that yelling at my TV, during a football game, a TV show, etc., that I can get a lot of my pent upIMG_3279 anger out of my system, without hurting anyone’s feelings. My favorite show to yell at is General Hospital, because nothing ever makes sense on a soap opera. Going back to my impatience post, you know that I don’t have time for things that don’t make sense. So of course I get annoyed and stupid things on TV shows, which is why I usually yell at my TV.

As for my phone, well my poor phone doesn’t deserve the aggression I sometimes give it. I love my phone. I even name every phone I get, and call it by its name. (I know, a little weird. Lol) But my phone also has all my social media apps, my text messages, all the things that are the cause of some of my most anxious nights. So of course, I get mad and upset at what I am seeing, so there have been a few (okay a lot) of times, where my phone has been thrown across the room. Thankfully, I haven’t cracked my phone yet, or broken it to the point where I can’t use it.

Okay so after reading all of that, I probably sound like a crazy person. But the truth is, it has become helpful to my anxiety to take my anger out on things I know can’t hurt me. Sometimes, all you need to do is yell, or cry, or throw things, and inanimate objects are the perfect things to do that with. I should come up with something else to throw, because I don’t think I’ll always be that lucky without my phone breaking, but like The Fault in our Stars once said, “Pain demands to be felt.” So there is nothing wrong with breaking something when you’re angry, (as long as it’s not important), and there is certainly nothing wrong with yelling at something once in a while.

So I want to know, do you yell at an inanimate object when you’re angry, or have you thrown something against the wall? Leave a comment below with your answer, or tweet me at @thelifemotto!


Until Next Time!


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