Trusting Someone



My biggest problem in life is that I don’t like talking to people about things that are bothering me, and causing part of my anxiety. I just feel like I am a burden to people, and I feel like I am annoying them when I need to talk about something. I don’t like talking to my parents about stuff, and I don’t have friends who ask me if something is bothering me.

So the struggle was finding someone I trusted enough to talk about the things that are bothering me. I went through many people who I thought I could trust, but it turned out that they weren’t as caring as they first seemed.

So finally, after years of not having anyone to talk to, which made my anxiety attacks more frequent and worse, I found a person who listens to me and I trust to tell me the truth about things.

Her name is Nany and she is probably the best friend I have ever had in my life. She lives in Tennessee, so I don’t get to see her very often, but she is always there for me to text or call when I am at the bottom. She is a very outspoken girl, so she is never afraid to say what is on her mind. And while I thought that would be a bad thing, it turns out that hearing the truth from someone is all you need to feel better. And it’s nice because we can talk about anything with each other. From bands, to movies, to what is bothering us, our conversations are never dull, and they are so helpful.

I never understood how important it was to have someone to talk to, until I found a friend who will be there for me no matter what I am going through. Trusting someone can be scary when you’re dealing with anxiety. In the back of your mind, you are always scared they are making fun of you, or are gonna spill your secrets. However, when you find that person you trust, those thoughts don’t come to life. You feel confident in the bond you have and it makes everything feel a little easier.

It was hard for me to find that person, but I am glad I kept trying. I hope you think about the person you trust most in your life, and maybe thank them for being there for you!


Until Next Time!


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