Memories can make us laugh, cry, scream, smile, and feel every emotion in between. But no matter what emotions a certain memory makes you feel, reflecting on certain things in your life can boost your spirits, especially if it’s a good memory.

There are a ton of great memories in my life, from my first soccer goal, to the year I averaged a 101 in history, and when I got offered all the internships I applied for this past summer. And while all these memories are great to reflect upon, there are others that always put me in a great mood.

My favorite memories come from the times I met my favorite band Big Time Rush. Those four guys are some of the nicest people I have ever met. And out of all the times I met them, there is one memory that stands out above the rest, and that was when I met them on their 2013 summer tour in my hometown.

FullSizeRender copy Kendall Schmidt, which if you have read my previous posts, is my favorite member of the band. So I wanted to do something special for that show with him. So I got us matching Philadelphia Eagles hats, and I customized them with out initials. I tweeted him a picture of the hats prior to the show, so when I IMG_2143walked up to him and told him the hat was for him, he told me “yea I know, I saw it online!” I was extremely surprised, and pretty much speechless. Even thinking back on it now, I’m surprised he saw it with all the tweets he gets. So we took the picture, and as I went to leave, he told me “I’m gonna wear it tonight!” I was too happy to actually believe it, but when he came out with the hat on, there was no hiding the smile on my face. The next two times I saw him in my hometown, he mentioned the hat and how he still has it, and that just makes me smile really big 🙂

That is just one of my favorite memories! I suggest you guys think of your favorite memory, so you know you always have something nice to look back and think about!

Until Next Time!


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