Happy Mistakes

Happy Mistakes, that’s not usually two words you hear together. But why can’t mistakes be happy?

I never really thought there could be happy mistakes until I heard Heffron Drive’s new song “Happy Mistakes”. The song is about looking forward and not giving up. But there was one lyric that stuck out to me, and that was:


Kendall Schmidt, the lead singer of the band, described the song as being about mistakes that we are still reflecting on today, and how they turned out to be pretty good choices for our lives.

And I have to agree, some mistakes can lead to some pretty great things happening in your life. Like having a bad experience that ends a friendship, but you met someone through them, and that person changed your life. Or you think you messed up on a project, but it turns out to be a huge success.

One example of a happy mistake for me, was back in 2012. I met a girl who seemed to be a nice person and a good friend, but she turned out to be a bully. And while I think our friendship was a huge mistake, I met three of my closest friends through her. And these three girls have made a huge impact in my life, and continue to do so everyday.

Here’s a challenge for you guys! Sit back and reflect on your life, and see if you can come up with a happy mistake in your life! Mistakes allow us to learn what to never do again, but they can also change our lives for the better!


Until Next Time!


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