Safety Blankets

Today I am going to talk about safety blankets, and how they can bring comfort to you when you’re feeling anxious. The idea of having a safety blanket, or a security/comfort object starts at a very young age. According to pediatrics expert Vincent Iannelli, MD, in his article Security and Comfort Objects, “Security comfort objects are sometimes called loveys, blankeys or other made-up names. Usually babies between nine and 12 months choose their loveys. Once chosen, the lovey may be a part of the family for years to come.” They are meant to help kids find comfort when they are learning to be apart from their parents. At a young age, it can be anything from a blanket, to a toy, to any in between. The options are endless! But being comforted by something that feels safe doesn’t just stop when you grow up. The only thing that might change is what the object is.safetyblankets As a kid, my safety blanket or comfort object was my blanket. Actually it was 2 blankets. They were soft and small, which made them easy to carry around and cuddle when I was scared or going to sleep. I carried them everywhere with me, and it got to the point where my one blanket started to rip. And of course I was devastated. My mom was smart, and came up with a cool solution where she took a small pillow, and sewed the blanket onto it, so I could still sleep with it. And to this day, the pillow is still in my closet. The other blanket held up a lot better thankfully. And to this day, is still in my pillow that I sleep with and travel with. I first put it in my pillow when I was 14 and went on my first solo trip without my parents. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving home without my blankey, so to hide it from other people around me; I put it in my pillow. And to this day it is still there, and it still brings me the same comfort and safety it did as a baby, even though I am 22. IMG_6573Other than my blanket, my biggest comfort object or safety blanket is a hoodie. It doesn’t matter what hoodie it is, just something about wearing one makes me feel comfortable when I’m at school or the mall, or really anywhere. I have never been comfortable with my body, so I feel like wearing a hoodie allows me to hide without really hiding. My biggest struggle is the summer, because it’s too hot to wear a hoodie, so I feel like when I’m walking, everyone is looking at me and judging me. (Even though they probably aren’t). Hoodies give me the soft and warm comfort blankets do, so it reminds me of my blankets, which is probably why they are so comforting to me. It’s crazy how much an object can make us feel safe. But at the same time, it’s also kind of nice. I like the idea of having something around me that will make me happy, no matter where I am in the world! So what’s your safety blanket? Let me know in the comments below, or just tweet me at @thelifemotto ! Until Next Time! sig

3 thoughts on “Safety Blankets

  1. My safety blanket is my bed, it’s the only place I feel safe when I’m anxious, not the most convenient safety blanket, not exactly portable lol the hoodie idea sounds excellent, I enjoyed the post

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