Halloween Parties



As you get older, Halloween becomes less about trick or treating, and more about parties. Parties can be difficult for people suffering with anxiety, particularly social anxiety. Personally, I hate parties. But when you are faced with the option to go, sometimes it’s hard to say no. So here are a few tips to help you get through Halloween, when you’re dealing with anxiety.

  • Bring a Friend

There is nothing worse than going to a party alone, especially if you aren’t sure you know someone there. So invite a friend, family member, whoever, just someone you can have there to talk to and be there with you throughout the night.

  • Dress up in what YOU are comfortable in

Halloween is all about the costumes. And what stinks, is that as you get older, the “sexier” the outfits are, especially for girls. And you may not feel comfortable wearing something like that. Personally, one of the reasons I don’t like Halloween is the costumes, and how it is difficult for me to buy one to wear. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from having a great night. So dress up how you want. It doesn’t have to be sexy or reviling. It can be whatever you want. Maybe pick a favorite character from a TV show or movie you love, or do some cool makeup. Or you can get totally creative and make your own costume up. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy it!

  • Host the Party

Sometimes going to parties can stink when you don’t feel comfortable where the party is being held. So instead, host the party! That way you can invite whomever you want, have fun decorating, and just feel more comfortable the entire time. Plus, you can come up with cool games or activates to play, so the party can be more than just an excuse to drink.

Halloween can be a crazy time for people, so I hope these tips help you enjoy the holiday a little more. If you have any tips to add, then please leave them in the comments below!

Until Next Time!


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