Life Motto’s

Something I have recently discovered, is that having a life motto, or an important saying, can help to keep you calm when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

They can be your words, friends’ words, or even a quote from a book, movie, TV or celebrity. Whatever it is, having a life motto can change the way you view your life.

Which is the reason I called this blog “The Life Motto”! It is a way to help you start to live the life YOU want and the life YOU deserve to live. One without anxiety, depression, and everything in-between!

So what’s my life motto?


I came up with that one random day as I was waiting to go to class. I honestly do not know how it came about, but it worked perfectly for my life. I have big dreams that I want to do. I also love lots of people from friends, to family, and beyond. And finally, I love to smile. I may not do it as much as I would like, but I am very happy when smiling.

I have shorted it to symbols as well. Some of you may be wondering why I always end my posts with a star, heart and smiley face. Well that’s because that is how I draw my motto. If I ever got it tattooed (which I have thought about) it would be the symbols.

So now I wanna know! What’s YOUR life motto? Leave a comment below or share it via any of my social media links (all are @thelifemotto)! Can’t wait to hear what you love to say!

Until next time!


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