The Lyrics That Changed My Life

Sometimes all you need is the right band or artist to come along, and share a song that makes you forget all about your problems. And thankfully, that is what happened to me.

Big Time Rush, yea that Nickelodeon band that had a TV show, came into my life in November 2009, and for some reason, made me laugh when I wanted to cry.

Then in 2011, there second album Elevate came out and there was one song that stood out above the rest, and that was “Invisible”.

Though I did not know it at the time, “Invisible” described how I felt in so many ways. Written by member Carlos Pena JR, the song is about someone who is feeling invisible to the world around him or her, which is something I personally deal with everyday. The song is a way to show that person that they are in fact not invisible, because someone is always by their side, even if it doesn’t seem that way. The song was written about the fans of the band, after they read a tweet about how the girl felt invisible to them.

It wasn’t until 2012, that I realized how much this song related to my life. It was the middle of my first semester of my junior year, which was also my first semester away from home, and the people who were always there for me. I didn’t have the best roommates, and I always felt alone. Plus I was a transfer student, so on campus, I always felt out of the loop. I was scrolling through tumblr one day, and I came across this story called “Invisible”, which was made by a fan based off of the BTR song.

As I read it, I saw that I 100 percent related to the main character, a girl, who had awful anxiety and that was only paid attention to by her two friends. I was, and still am that girl. The story follows this girl, and her progression of friendship with the new kid in school Kendall. They become friends and he becomes someone who is always there for her when she needs him. It’s a story about her struggles to accept that he cares about her and is someone she can count on to always be there, even at her darkest times.

While I love everything about the story, the last line of the story is what made me become so attached to this song. You realize that you could care less about being invisible to everyone else, as long as Kendall sees you.” It was at that moment, that I came to realize that you don’t need to be seen by everyone to be important. The people who see you, who care about you, and are always there for you, are the people you need to give your attention to. They’re the ones who have seen you at your worst, and are still there.

It was also at that moment, that I realized that “Invisible” by BTR, was going to be my go to song when I was feeling anxious or sad. And I have been. That song has been on repeat more times than I can count. No matter how many times I listen to it, the same lyrics always stand out to me, as the most important:


Those 5 words, ”you’re not invisible to me”, help me to remember that someone in this world cares about me, that someone sees me through everyone else.

Kendall Schmidt is my favorite member of BTR, and has been since the show started. Throughout the years, I have gotten to know Kendall, and even if it is only for a minute, he makes me feel not invisible. Which is why this past December, I had him write out these same 5 words for me, to possibly one day get tattooed.

But even if that never happens, I have those lyrics hanging on my wall, and on my mirror, so I can look at them everyday, and remind myself, that I am important, and even though it may seem like it, I’m really not invisible.

However more importantly, I want EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU, to know, that you’re not invisible either. You matter just as much as everyone else!

I hope that this story inspires you to find your go to song, or those lyrics that make you smile, even when you don’t want to!

Until Next Time !


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