Anxious Night Cheat Snack


If there is one thing I understand, it is anxious nights and the feeling like nothing is going right. And I also understand, how when you’re feeling anxious, or dealing with an anxiety attack, the last thing you want is something healthy.

And sometimes, THAT IS OKAY!

So today, I am going to share my favorite anxious night cheat snack, a Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae!


It’s easy, it’s simple and most importantly, it’s yummy 🙂

First, start by baking brownies! You can find a box at any local grocery store and to make, you only need 3 main ingredients, water, oil and eggs. Plus a little brownie batter never hurt anyone; so sneaking a taste is more than okay 😉

Once they’re baked and cooled, pick out your FAVORITE ice cream flavor. For this post, I used good old plain vanilla and chocolate.


Then, add the hot fudge and any other kinds of toppings you want! I chose M&M’s because nothing can be bad with more chocolate!


Finally, sit back and enjoy the yummy goodness! Let yourself enjoy this snack and not worry about how bad it may be for you, because sometimes all you need is a sweet snack to put your mind at ease.

So next time you’re craving something sweet during an anxiety attack, try this!

Until next time


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