Welcome to my Life!


My name is Amanda Lauren, and this is “The Life Motto!”

This blog is about life, and living it one day at a time.

I go through life everyday with anxiety, and like some of you reading this may know, it’s a STRUGGLE! One of my main problems in my day-to-day life is talking about what is bothering me.

So I decided to start this blog. I was told by a very important person that I need to get things off my chest, and I thought since I struggle sharing my problems with people I am close with, I would talk about them here.

But do not worry! This blog will be much more than my personal problems. Actually 3/4ths of the posts will include tips, food suggestions and ways to relax. Most posts will be on Tuesday and Friday, but I’m sure I’ll stop by other days!

I am just an anxious girl living her life one day at a time, and I hope I can help others learn to deal with their anxiety in a fun, unique way. Feel free to stop by and chat if you ever need someone to talk to!

Until Next Time!



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